Engineering Fabrication Shop

Welding Process:

Two types of weldings are followed by CSW. General Electric Arc welding, which is used widely in Bangladesh. This type of welding is used for manufacturing general structural jobs.
Inert gas shielded Arc Welding (Mig) is done by automatic welding machine to achieve full penetration specially for steel pole sections. Copper Alloy electrodes are used in these machines and C02 is used for shielding. Full penetration is achieved ensuring long life for pole sections.

Corrosion Protection:

Two types of anticorrosive treatments are done on steel poles and associated fittings.
A. Hot dip galvanization
B. Anticorrosive painting

Hot Dip Galvanization :

Galvanization of steel pole sections and other structural jobs are done for corrosion prevention, it is effective for whole body of the jobs. BS 729,1971 standard is followed by our Galvanization process. Prior to Galvanizing a series of operation such as degreasing, acid pickings, water rinsing, pre-fluxing and heating operations are performed. Molten zinc of about 450 to 4650 C temperatures is maintained in Galvanizing bath. Jobs are dipped and kept in the bath maintaining time required for whole coverage with the required coating thickness as stated in the standard BS 729, 1972. After galvanization cold water quenching followed by chromic acid treatment finally increases glaz, make aesthetically beautiful and develops long life.

Anticorrosive painting:

Anticorrosive paint is applied where additional and extra corrosion protection is required, specially at bottom section of steel pole. Planted portion of steel pole sections are inside ground and there is a possibility of corrosion to overcome zinc coating specially for saline water zone. So generally, 100 to 200 micron epoxy paint coating is applied inside and outside, below and above ground level minimum half meter. Epoxy painting ensures steel life over hundred years.

In addition to the above types, we can also provide telescopic tubular supports with a very wide range of heights and load capacity after careful study of each of the individual case to meet the specific requirements of the buyer. Telescopic Poles/Lightning Columns of any height and load capacity can be supplied since it needs only assemble of a number of telescopic sections together.

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Main Products

  • Transmission Line Tower
  • Sub-station Structure
  • Telecommunication Tower
  • Galvanized Telescopic Steel Poles from
  • 0.4 to 33 KV power line
  • 132 / 230 KV H Pole structures & 3 Pole structure