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Steel Pole:

Raw Material:

High Tensile Hot Rooled Steel Sheets of various thickness from 2.0 mm to 8.0 mm are used for manufacturing steel poles. Steel material of grade BS 4360 or JIS G 3101 used for manufacturing steel poles and Cross Arms, Base plates and other associated fittings.
Yield Strength and Tensile Strength of steel material for steel poles and cross Arms are 400 N/mm and 540 N/mm respectively. For Base Plate or other associated Fittings these values are 245 N /mm and 400 N/mm respectively.
Source Countries: High Tensile HR Steel coils or Plates are imported from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Steel of lower Strength are procured locally.


Steel pole consists of a series of sections which are pre-designed, such as steel material thickness, length, diameter, taper ratio etc. Length of each section may not be equal. Every section of a pole is manufactured separately. Manufacturing process of pole sections and steel pipes are similar, except pole sections are tapered and polygonal cross sectional and the pipes are of circular cross section.

De-Coling, Straightening & Longitudinal Shearing :

Over Head Crane System of 10 MT capacity is used for lifting and loading Hot Rolled Steel coils into De-Coiling Machine.
Straightening of high tensile steel sheet of thickness upto 8.0 mm is perfectly done by Semi- automatic straightening machine.

De-Coling, Straightening & Longitudinal Shearing:

Guillotine Shearing Machine Shears longitudinally 2.5 meter wide, 8.0 mm thick steel material of tensile strength 65 kg/mm.

Cross-wise Shearing:

Powerful Hydraulic Shearing Machine is used for cross wise shearing operation. These Machines are manufactured by Omag, Italy. Steel Plates of tensile strength 640 mpa, 4 meter wide and 8.0 mm thickness can be cut by this machine easily.

Metal Pressing:

CSW has powerful and expensive Hydraulic press Brakes of 250 MT capacity for sheet metal cold forming/bending unto 8.0 mm thickness, 4.0 metal wide sheet metal of tensile strength 640 mpa. By the same machine any polygonal from such as octagonal, 12 sided, 16 sided, 24 sided easily can be formed on any thickness up to 8.0 mm. Steel Pipe, Angle Bar or Channel can be formed using the machines.

Automatic Oxy-Fuel Cutting:

Thick Steel plates above 5.0 mm of high tensile steel from the lower section for 132 KV and 230 KV Steel poles. These Plates are cut by using our modern Oxy-Fuel automatic cutter, this machine is guided by rail of 4.0 meter long. Cutting nozzle can be set vertically and in any degree as required for increasing welding area. These machines are capable of cutting steel plates up to 40 mm thickness.

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Main Products

  • Transmission Line Tower
  • Sub-station Structure
  • Telecommunication Tower
  • Galvanized Telescopic Steel Poles from
  • 0.4 to 33 KV power line
  • 132 / 230 KV H Pole structures & 3 Pole structure